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World Language Center




Removed Contractor office trailer from site. Began the installation of metal roof panels, sheet metal, plumbing fixtures, AC unit, whiteboards and cabinets. Pretest of Fire Alarm. Completed the roof gutter insulation. Continued truss painting and storm louvers installation.

Upcoming work will include the installation of metal roof panels, fiber cement boards, and light fixtures; interior painting; flashing and sheet metal work; and plastic lumber installation.


Continued the fabrication of metal roof panels, fiber cement board installation, drywall finishing, interior and exterior painting, and ceiling framing. Completed tilework. Installed windows at Classroom 1.

Upcoming work will include beginning the installation of metal and roof panels, plastic lumber, and light fixtures; completing fiber and cement boards, continuing interior painting; and beginning flashing and sheet metal work.


Upcoming work will include installing fiber cement siding at vertical surfaces and applying color/polish to the second test slab.


Upcoming work will include welding on cattle gate hinges, installing the cattle gate, installing the metal decking over light monitors, beginning the installation of fiber cement siding at vertical surfaces, and hydrant flow testing.


Upcoming work will include pouring cattle gate entry slab and curbs; installing metal decking over light monitors; installing downspouts at columns; weld cattle gate hinges; installing the cattle gate; continuing wood blocking installation; and continuing electrical and plumbing rough-in


Upcoming work will include the concrete pour of the Quiet Lanai and other slabs, Learning Lanai seat walls, and cattle gate footings; the framing of light monitors; and installing the cattle gate and blocking.


Work includes installing reinforcing steel for cattle gate posts, continuing partitions and soffit light gauge framing, and beginning the mechanical and electrical rough in.


Upcoming work includes completing the structural steel framing, forming seat walls, excavating for the thickened edge at the Quiet Lanai, forming the sidewalk at the Quiet Lanai, and extending the water line.


Upcoming work includes the continuing to erect the structural steel framing, begin forming seat walls, begin excavation for the thickened edge at Quiet Lanai, and begin water line extension.


Upcoming work includes the erecting of structural steel framing; pouring of cement to create slabs for Classroom 1 and the restrooms; excavating the sidewalk; and beginning the sidewalk formwork.


We apologize for all the dust! Workers continue to excavate for sewer, water connections, and walkways.  The first pour of concrete for walkways has begun.

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About the World Language Center

Niu Valley Middle School began construction on its new World Language Center on Monday, August 12, 2019. The planning of this new building began in 2014 with the 21st Century Innovation plan.

The new World Language Center will consist of four classrooms. The building is considered a “high performing” building with a natural ventilation design that will keep the building cool during the daytime and allow the passage of heat to escape at night.

The location of this building will be next to the music building across from the cafeteria on the school’s upper field.

The construction of this building will be done in two phases with the first phase projected to end in August of 2020. The first phase of construction will consist of laying the foundation for the entire structure and an external roof that will keep the four classrooms cool from the sun. Also included in the first phase will be one classroom, the technology server room and the men’s and women’s individual restrooms.

The second phase, which has also been funded, is projected to take place a year after the first phase is completed and is projected to conclude in the Fall of 2021. The second phase will build the remaining 3 classrooms along with men’s and women’s restrooms. This new World Language Building is a perfect complement to Niu Valley Middle School’s International Baccalaureate program’s focus on giving our students a world class education.