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Does your child purchase school lunch?  Are you making sure your child always has sufficient funds in their account?  One easy way to keep track is by signing up with  Here’s what happens when your child gets their lunch then finds out at the cashier that they have insufficient funds:

  • Your child has to leave the lunch at the cashier’s table in the cafeteria.
  • Your child has to go to the office and ask a clerk for a lunch loan which requires NVMS to contact you to authorize the lunch loan.
  • Once that loan is authorized, the clerk will complete the lunch loan form.
  • Your child has to then stand in line with the lunch loan form for the Meal Account Clerk to get your child a meal ticket.
  • Your child then takes the meal ticket back to the cafeteria and can pick up their lunch plate.
  • This process takes about 10 minutes and the line gets held up for everyone.  In addition, your child loses 10 minutes of their lunch period.

Unfortunately the system no longer allows the cashier to see how much funds are available in your child’s account.  Although our Meal Account Clerk tries to alert parents when funds are getting low, it would still be prudent to check your child’s account periodically on this website.