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Morning Traffic Update: On Tuesday morning, HPD assisted NVMS with handing out flyers reminding our families to drive safely and to be mindful of other drivers, pedestrians, and our neighbors.  Please see the flyer in case you were not among the 133 vehicles that received this flyer.  Here is what HPD and Principal Laura Ahn observed while passing out flyers:

  • Students are being dropped off closer to A & B buildings, even when the beginning auto line is empty.  Regardless of where your child would prefer to be dropped off, please proceed tot he front of the auto line if it is clear.  This allows for a smoother flow and reduces congestion on Halemaumau.
  • Students are not ready to exit their vehicle.  Students should be ready to safely exit as soon as their vehicle comes to a stop at curbside.  This helps with the smooth flow of auto line.  If possible, have your child’s backpack with them in the vehicle, not in the trunk or the backseat (if they are in the front).
  • Your child should be finished with their breakfast when you get to curbside, not finishing up their breakfast.  Or, they can take it with them, and finish their breakfast on campus.
  • This objective is for everyone to have an efficient and safe morning drop off.

Afternoon Traffic on Kanau Street:  Photos were taken of cars double parked and blocking the street during afternoon pick up.  This inconveniences other drivers as well as our neighbors.  Please arrive after the bell so that your child is already waiting for you when you reach Kanau Street.