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Amid news reports of strangers approaching students in other school districts, here are a few Stranger Danger Reminders for your child:

  • When a stranger approaches you and you feel unsafe and frightened, say loudly, “I don’t know you”.  Then walk away and tell someone you trust what has happened.
  • It’s okay to say “No” to a stranger.
  • Try to walk with a buddy.
  • If a stranger calls you over to their car, never approach the car.  If possible, walk in the opposite direction of the car.
  • Stay more than an arm’s length away from a stranger.
  • Tell your children that if a stranger tries to take them – they are allowed to hit, scream, and make a scene.
  • Report incidents to HPD and to your child’s school.
  • “No, Go, Yell, Tell.”  These four words are part of the National Crime Prevention Council’s advice to parents for teaching children about strangers.  This phrase teaches children to yell “NO” if approached by strangers, “GO” – run away quickly, “YELL” for help, and “TELL” a trusted adult what happened.  Even young children can learn these four words and what to do.