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On behalf of the Science Department, thank you to all the participants to this year’s first Virtual Science Fair!  36 students participated with 11 judges, and the following 15 students will be moving on to the Honolulu District Fair in late February:

First, Second and Third Place (respectively):

  • Micah K:  Energy Where it Should Be
  • Vera W:  Grow, Grow, Grow the Basil!
  • Merik C:  Best Line-Up for Fishing

The following twelve students’ projects will be moving on to District as well.  They are listed in alphabetical order:

  • Victoria B:  The Dirt on Vermicast
  • Kailani C:  Natural Packing Material?
  • Aidan K:  Which is Better, Plant Soil, Organic Fertilizer, or Earthworms?
  • Kai K:  Air Quality Index
  • Melinda L:  Blending Colored Pencils with Solvents
  • Callie M:  Shake, Rattle, or Break?
  • Zoe R:  Graphite Art Fixatives
  • Nicolai S:  All Natural Toothpaste
  • Miya T & Mayu H:  Clean That Coin!
  • Peter V:  Slam Those Soccer Balls
  • Vaughn W:  The Slide Project
  • Kekoa W:  Unsticky Band-aids