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Does your child go to 7-Eleven after school?  Even though we do not monitor our students once they are dismissed from school, there have been some disturbing reports of observed behaviors that should be brought to the attention of all parents/guardians.  Also, be aware that many of our students are congregating in large groups in the area around 7-Eleven, as they wait to enter the store.  Please address the following with your child(ren):

  1. Be respectful and mindful of others while in a public place of business.  No using foul or obscene language to the employees.  Also, no horseplay outside of the store while waiting to be admitted.
  2. Pay for any merchandise taken from the store.  It is illegal to take anything from the store without paying for it.  This is called Shoplifting.
  3. Be respectful of the merchandise.  If you drop something, pick it up and place it back where it came from.  DO NOT step on it and smash the item.

Our students are easily identifiable because of our uniform.  Whether they are in 7-Eleven, or on the bus, or at the shopping centers, they will be recognized.  It is a poor reflection of our school, of their family, and of themselves when they behave inappropriately in public.  This topic is covered in school during their Advisory period where our teachers remind our students through reading material, videos, and activities.  Please continue this message at home.

As a REMINDER, pick up is on Halemaumau Street and Kanau Street.  If you park on the opposite side of the school, please remind your child to use the crosswalk.  Please be respectful of our neighbors and do not block driveways.  Mahalo for your support!