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NVMS Picture taking will be on August 5 (Track 1), August 6 (Track 2) and August 7 (Track 3) in the NVMS Cafeteria.  We are keeping the same dates for our school picture taking, regardless of changes to the return date for students.  However, picture taking will be by designated time slots in the afternoon.  This will maximize parking and reduce parking lot traffic.  Please arrive based on your track day and designated advisory teacher time slot for your child’s health and safety.  House of Photography will be setting up studios and taking professional high resolution portraits for the yearbook and IDs.  You should receive a form from House of Photography in your mail.  Please have your child bring their form with them on their picture taking day.  Students must wear a mask when they arrive and adhere to the 6 feet social distancing.  Due to limited parking, we ask that parents remain in their cars.  Please see the schedule for your child’s time slot.

More information will be provided at a later date for students who do not have their picture taken.