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Niu Valley students have completed a series of Choose Love reintegration lessons in advisory that were focused on the growth mindset and bringing students back together after the extended school closure.  With their advisory classes, students are beginning the Courage Unit from the Choose Love Program(In order to access the material, you will need to set up an account.  The process requires an email and takes just a few minutes.)  The Courage unit is focused on managing our thoughts, learning about the brain, and neuroplasticity, with the goal that students learn that it can take courage to make the right decision.  “Choosing love means having the courage to be grateful when life isn’t easy, to forgive when the person who hurt you isn’t sorry, and to step outside your own pain to help someone else.  That’s the way to choose love, and the empowering lesson is that it’s a choice.”

We encourage you to follow the lesson topics and familiarize yourself with some of the foundational concepts of the Choose Love Movement, including the formula.  There are online lessons, practices and discussions for families to utilize.  Please reach out to your grade level counselor if you have any questions.