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All students are to leave campus after the dismissal bell rings.  Many students have been loitering on campus in the courtyard, parking lot, and around the cafeteria without supervision.  This is a safety issue that has become a concern of the school.  For the safety of all students, only the following students are allowed to stay on campus:

  • Students who are enrolled in Complete Childcare, our after hours private child care service.
  • Students who have scheduled study hall or after school study hall and is under the supervision of a specific teacher.
  • Students who have extramural practice and under the supervision of a coach.
  • Students who are attending a club meeting and under the supervision of a faculty advisor.

There should be no unsupervised child on campus after the dismissal bell.  NVMS is concerned for the safety of your child.  For your child’s safety, please make sure you make arrangements for after school pick up.